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water bill PETITION

Hi I'm Dave Dollimore of Kawartha landlord association changes are being made a that effect landlords ability to offer affordable housing and make it not attractive to be a landlord that is causing a housing shortage. in a joint effort with the "Ontario Landlord watch" we are collecting signed petitions to be sent to queens park about this issue. we ask that you please fill one out in pen (not a copy) and send it to 84 st Patrick st Lindsay k9v 1r5 (Kawartha Landlord association) its about water today! what will stop hydro, heat? We believe that in order to find what ever is "right!" between landlords and tenants the landlord & tenant needs to be part of it's making. the "Ontario Landlord watch" The Municipal Act in Ontario allows a municipality to add public utility arrears incurred by an irresponsible tenant to the municipal tax bill of the property owner. The list of Municipalities which passed this law is growing very quickly... The ones I found are Kawartha Lakes, Lindsey, Peterborough, West Elign, West Lorne, Rodney Shaun Dowling, Scarborough, Vaughn, Wallaceburg, Waterloo, Cambridge, Ottawa, Oshawa, Barrie, and Toronto. Not confirmed yet, but Ajax and Pickering. It will soon became a law in EVERY municipality if the Landlords, Property managers and all responsible tenants will not unite and stand up to this fundamental injustice. Landlords are steadily getting more and more unreasonable responsibilities forced on them by municipal and provincial governments. Forcing landlords paying for someone else’s debt / bill is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard. Landlords are not the only ones paying a high price for such a law. As a result, all responsible tenants find it progressively difficult to find affordable housing, because landlord are forced to recoup their losses by increasing rents and denying apartments to the tenants who they think will not pay their bills. Hi, my name is Kayla Andrade of Cambridge. I am a small landlord and a hard working young mother of 2 who is trying to protect my family investment and the name Landlord. Just because I have the title Landlord does not mean I am rich... I am just getting by... and I for one will NOT be paying for my irresponsible tenant debt / bills ! I have been working very hard battling this fundamentally wrong policy with my City since 2010. They kept it going until January 2012 …only to say they are not taking back their decision. Landlords in other Cities are doing the same fight with their cities and they are still not getting heard. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… The only way to be heard is to start voicing our opinions with our Province and I AM TAKING IT TO THE QUEEN’S PARK ! Groups are already forming all over Ontario for this protest: in Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener, Halton Hills, Scarborough, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Vaughn, Wallaceburg, Lindsey, West Elgin, West Lorne, Rodney Shaun Dowling... This is just the beginning and many more to come... Landlords, Property Managers, tenants, MPP’s and many other people of all walks of life are now coming together as a STRONG TEAM and fighting this fundamental injustice. The good new is that number of municipalities, including Niagara Falls, Bracebridge and Penetanguishene, HAVE ALREADY REVERSED SUCH POLICIES! Your support is very much needed to get this news out and give this petition the attention it needs and deserves. LETS JOIN TOGETHER AND FORM A PROVINCE WIDE GROUP TO MAKE CHANGES TO OUR PROVINCIAL LEGISLATION. The ORIGINAL PETITION TEXT must be on top of EACH petition PAGE. Please print the Name, Full Address, Phone number and Signature. Signed Petition handed in must be the ORIGINAL in order to be legitimate. Please mail the ORIGINAL signed Petitions to me or pass them to the person who handed them to you. petition is in the downloads section Thank you for your support