Dollimore Property Management and Services - Property Management Services for Landlords and Tenants in the Kawartha Lakes area


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Delivering an experienced, professional and responsive management team

...for owners of income producing properties

...for homeowners who want the freedom and security knowing that their investment is being well cared for

...helping tennants find the right home

We work for you!
(705) 340-3230

705 340 3230

For Tenants

I can be a great reference if you decide to move to a new place!

Help with Tenants

I can list, interview, check, find and maintain appropriate tenants, 24 hr. emergency & non emergency response to problems (if I can't do it, I know who can!), able to manage many aspects of the running of your property (as little or as much you want done!) I'm skilled in conflict resolution, mediation, professional witness of events, I can help with evictions and keep track of good tenants! I'm honest and will prove to be worthy of your trust, I don't yell (much!) and find other ways to make my point, you will find me friendly & helpful most times as I like people.