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Delivering an experienced, professional and responsive management team

...for owners of income producing properties

...for homeowners who want the freedom and security knowing that their investment is being well cared for

...helping tennants find the right home

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Connecting your property to others increases stability

You may not want to know other landlords or for them to know who you are.

The "Kawartha Landlords Association" is made up of local landlords who network tenant & rental info. and other matters regarding landlords:

- support, advice, contacts, form (filled, filed, served), record keeping & witnessing, procedures for dealing with?, seminars, members of the board visits and answers questions,  get some courtroom procedure  practice and information gathering and more.

- one voice may not be heard! together our voice may cause change.

- do you have a story?,  something you want to know or change

If you would like to be a member of the Kawartha Landlords Association, or to attend the next information session regarding the changes to the landlord tenant act. and have questions answered by board members,

please email: and ask how.