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"I have been a tenant for over 20 years. I also act on behalf of the landowner, so I can understand both sides and can work together to find solutions and get results!"
Dave Dollimore

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The tenant can get free direction and help with landlord and tenant issues but the landlord has to Know their's and the tenants rights and responsibilities. A landlord who doesn't know them can find them selfs in trouble with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), By-law enforcement, the fire department, to name a few and could be taken to court! ( not knowing the law is not a excuse for braking it!) often having someone else deal with the property and its problems will allow the separation needed to keep it a business issue and not personal.

Areas We Serve

City of Kawarthas, including Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Cameron, Coboconk, Little Britian, Norland. Peterborough County including Omemee and areas.